Underground Railroad

“Brazos Valley songwriter Ben Morris has been rolling steadily with his Boxcar bandmates for a couple of years now, and clearly they’ve been good for his spirits. His ‘07 solo debut, ‘Other Side of Broken,’ was poetic and nicely textured, but a little morose by fresh-new-artist standards; on Underground Railroad, a much more playful vibe prevails. Morris’ distinctive baritone doesn’t lose any depth on more upbeat numbers, and it fairly glows on sensitive songs (‘Sweet Thing,’ ‘Pretty’) that don’t get lost in the shuffle this time around. Railroad benefits from an indierock sonic aesthetic (check out the Brian Wilson-ish ‘Untitled Pt. VII’ and the jangly push and pull of ‘Silence & Duct Tape’).” – Codey Allen, Texas Music Magazine May 2009

Digital Releases
Physical Release
  • 01. Mikey The Messick’s Revelation
  • 02. Living The Dream
  • 03. Blue Skies
  • 04. Sweet Thing w/ Jamie Wilson
  • 05. Let You Let Me Be (Loud)
  • 06. Care For You
  • 07. Big Mike’s Pawn
  • 08. $7eventy 5ive
  • 09. What She Don’t Know
  • 10. Headlights
  • 11. Pretty
  • 12. Silence & Duct Tape
  • 13. Fine China
  • 14. Little Bit More w/ Jamie Wilson
  • 15. Untitled Part VII