The Violets And The Blues

Quite possibly the crowning achievement of a band that’s been together for over a decade, with the production skills of John Evans sprinkled over the top for an even spicier flavor. At first listen the record will sound familiar – there are big guitar solos and a smorgasbord of musical styles. However, with this album, Eric Fisher steps in to share the spotlight with his emotive vocals and poignant songwriting that add an extra level of depth and color without stepping on any proverbial toes.

Digital Releases
Physical Release
  • 01. No Replacement
  • 02. The Lady And The Trampoline
  • 03. Free Time
  • 04. Tell Me
  • 05. Red Haired Granny
  • 06. Waiting On The Day
  • 07. Boulevard
  • 08. Away
  • 09. Find
  • 10. Hell Freezing Over
  • 11. Fools
  • 12. Welcome And Goodbye