The Other Side of Broken

Ben Morris The Other Side of Broken

Loosely a concept album about the stages of heartbreak (with a couple of unrelated curve balls thrown in), the heartfelt lyrics, rich vocals and vibrant, textured sound were a surprise to those familiar with his earlier work. It also won him a whole new audience, with songs like Count On Me, Thundercloud, and No Saving Grace only modestly breaking through on mainstream radio but going into heavy rotation on request-driven Internet radio sites like Radio Free Texas.

Physical Release
  • 01. Thundercloud
  • 02. Count On Me
  • 03. The Ties
  • 04. Left Me For Dead
  • 05. If I Could Be With You (Clap) w/ Pauline Reese
  • 06. Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  • 07. When You Get Old
  • 08. 1 Year, 23 Days
  • 09. Green Light
  • 10. Fortune Cookie
  • 11. Hit Man
  • 12. No Saving Grace
  • 13. Lupe’s Daughter w/ Mark David Manders