Loco Motives

BM+GABC Locomotives

Released in March 2015, “Loco Motives” is a 9-song acoustic EP recorded in Austin, Texas. Corralling up to as many as 8 musicians with unplugged instruments around two microphones, and with only the minimal amount of production, the EP captures the Boxcar Chorus simultaneously in their most stripped down and most energetic states.

Digital Releases
Physical Release
  • Available exclusively at live performances
  • 01. Hell Freezing Over
  • 02. Wild Man
  • 03. Demolition
  • 04. Bald Face Lie
  • 05. Halfway Over
  • 06. Red Haired Granny
  • 07. Loraine
  • 08. Haywire
  • 09. Banks of the Ohio