Amen Brother

Ben Morris Amen Brother

For Ben, family, friends, and faith have always been of highest priority. For “Amen Brother” Ben combined music relating to these ideals in order to raise money for non-profit organizations that went about their work with the same principles at the forefront. “Amen Brother” is Ben’s second solo album sans the Boxcars, but the album still hosts a cast of performers that have played important roles in various stages of the band.

Digital Releases
Physical Release
  • 01. Family
  • 02. I Love You, What’s Your Name
  • 03. The Man Upstairs
  • 04. Amazing Grace
  • 05. Everywhere I Go
  • 06. Cradles to Caskets
  • 07. Redeemer
  • 08. Sing Through Me
  • 09. While We Stand & Sing
  • 10. Someone You Can’t Live Without
  • 11. Softly & Tenderly
  • 12. When I Hear My Name