There Is No Fun In Funeral

BM+GABC There Is No Fun In Funeral

“Don’t let the weighty band name or punny album title throw you; smart but unpretentious, the GABC grinds up a dozen or so genres (stormy post-grunge rock, shambolic country folk, sunny power-pop, etc.) and serves them up winningly. It’s a diverse project not only in influence but in personnel, with Morris’ Boxcar bandmates contributing original material and under-the-radar artists like Claire Domingue and Slim Bawb fleshing out Morris’ imaginative vision with flashes of their own.” – Mike Ethan Messick, Texas Music Scene January 2012

Digital Releases
Physical Release
  • 01. Man On The Mend
  • 02. Nothing To Fear But Love Itself
  • 03. Hay Fever
  • 04. Happy Birthday
  • 05. Come Closer
  • 06. Tradition
  • 07. Chicago
  • 08. John Wilkes Phone Booth
  • 09. Nosey
  • 10. Old Black Buick
  • 11. My Own
  • 12. Walls
  • 13. Carlos Ray