The Few. The Proud. The Boxcars.

BM+GABC Los Zapatos

The Great American Boxcar Chorus have entrenched themselves in roots music; second only to a few in their ability to stitch together Country, Western, Rock, Bluegrass, and Gospel into a seam that leaves no chaff.

Led by patriarchs Ben Morris and Bucky Bachmeyer, the Boxcars is rounded out by the steady musical prodigiousness of Eric Fisher and Chris Nichols. Further flourish is added by perennial bloomers Coby Tate, Jeff Cooper, and Jon Dittfurth. When the El NiƱo effect is in its prime and the tide comes in high, the likes of Jayme Ivison, Britt Lloyd, and Claire Domingue have even been sighted.

Much like witnessing Bigfoot in the wild, every performance is a rare and visibly blurry event.

Walk softly, listen closely, and May the Chorus Be With You.